SWARM Publications and Order Form

SWARM is pleased to offer its historical and current publications for sale, while they last. For some of the works we have a very limited supply and due to a flood in 1996, some of the works have minor damage. Of course, prices reflect condition!

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2004 John Wesley Powell Memorial Lecture: Neanderthals on Our Family Tree, by Milford Wolpoff, $8.00 (includes shipping).
Annual Proceedings and Abstracts. 1976-2007 available. Specify year requested in "Optional Instructions" section of Payment Confirmation. $5.50 (includes shipping)
Native Plants and Animals as Resources in Arid Lands of the Southwestern United States, edited by J. Linton Gardner. 1965. $5.50 (includes shipping)
Social Research in North American Moisture Deficient Regions, edited by John. W. Bennet. 1966. $5.50 (includes shipping)
Water Supplies for Arid Regions, edited by J. Linton Gardner and Lloyd E. Myers. 1967. $5.50 (includes shipping)
The High Plains: Problems of Semiarid Environments, edited by Donald D. McPhail. 1972. $5.50 (includes shipping)
Energy Resource Recovery in Arid Lands, edited by Klaus D. Timmerhaus. 1981. $7.50 (includes shipping)
Origin and Evolution of Deserts, edited by Stephen G. Wells and Donald R. Haragan. 1984. $10.50 (includes shipping)
Patterns and Processes in Desert Ecosystems, edited by Walter G. Whitford (copublished with University of New Mexico Press). 1986. $10.50 (includes shipping)
The Hohokam Village: Site Structure and Organization, edited by David E. Doyle. 1987. $16.50 (includes shipping)
Hohokam Revisited, edited by David E. Doyle, Suzanne K. Fish. 1998. $25.00 (includes shipping)
A SPECIAL OFFERING: The Hohokam Village and Hohokam Revisited can be purchased as a set for $35.00. (includes shipping)
2003 John Wesley Powell Memorial Lecture, The Scientist's Role, by Philip Kitcher. $5.50 (includes shipping)