SWARM'S Mission Statement

The Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Division of AAAS carries out the Association's mission in its territory. AAAS recast its mission in 2002 and is now:

To Advance Science and Innovation Throughout the World for the Benefit of All People.

In addition, the SWARM Division was initially conceived of as an organization that could foster scientific communication in the then isolated southwestern area. Today, physical isolation is no longer an issue given the tremendous advances in communication and transportation technology since 1920, when the Division was first founded. But, today science often suffers from an isolation of a different sort; that is of rigid disciplinary boundaries and an ever increasing specialization within disciplines that often inhibits effective communication, cooperation, and education. SWARM will direct its efforts to expand its leadership role by promoting interdisciplinary communication, cooperation, and education among scientists, engineers, and the public through annual meetings, publications, and other Divisional activities.