Awards Sponsored by the Division

Balcomb Award

The Balcomb Award was established in 1989 by a generous donation from the then Executive Director of SWARM, Dr. Michelle Balcomb. The award is given annually to a community college or junior college teacher within SWARM's geographical region who embodies excellence in service and leadership in science education and teaching. The Award consists of a plaque and check for $250, which is to be used by the award winner for the purpose of attending the SWARM Annual Meeting. The Executive Committee and the Executive Director assist in the selection of the recipient of the award. The award winner will be notified prior to the meeting in which the award will be presented. The formal presentation is made by the current Executive Director at the Awards Banquet. Applications and nominations for the Balcomb Award will be solicited through and at the time of the Annual Call for Papers. SWARM members are encouraged to make recommendations. The nominee need not be a member of AAAS to be eligible for the Award.

President's Award

The President's Award is given to an AAAS member who has exhibited exemplary service and leadership to and within the SWARM Division as evidenced by sustained effort on behalf of SWARM, including participation at annual meetings and serving in elected offices and on appointed committees. The nominee may be a member of AAAS without being a member of SWARM, but who has provided distinguished service and leadership to and within the AAAS and/or SWARM Division. The Award is presented by the current President of the SWARM Division at the annual Awards Banquet and consists of a plaque with engraved citation. The current President, with assistance of the Executive Committee and Executive Director, selects the recipient.

Student Award for Excellence

Students who have registered and presented papers or posters at the Division's Annual Meeting and have indicated that they want to be considered, can compete for a number of awards given by the Division. Awards are given to students who have demonstrated excellence in research and presentation of their research at the Annual Meeting in their disciplinary section.

The Robert I. Larus Award was established in 1985 with a bequest from the Larus estate "to be used for the purpose of defraying expenses for graduate students to attend annual or other meetings of the Association or its subdivisions." The Larus Award is given to the graduate student with the highest cumulative score and is used to defray the expenses of the student to attend the national AAAS meeting.

Donald J. Nash Memorial Award

This award was established in honor of Dr. Donald J. Nash, the Executive Director of SWARM from 1993, until his untimely death in 2002. It is a judged award presented to the outstanding presentation at the AAAS-SWARM Annual Meeting. The award consists of a plaque and a check for $500. The award is presented at the Annual Meeting Awards Banquet. Persons wishing to be included in the judging of this award must indicate so when they fill out the registration page.